compass Quenched & trempered abrasion resistant steel plates. Hardness: 500 HB.
Also available in 300 HB and 400 HB ranges. Ideal for chutes, bins, cutting edges,...The 500 Brinell plate has exceptionnal wear resistant characteristics.



Engineering dataØ Endurance limit (Rotating Beam): 50 % of Tensile Strength
Ø Coefficient of Expansion per °C: 0.0000062 in intervals of 21 at 93°C
Ø Compressive Yield Strength: 170kg/mm²
Ø Modulus of elasticity: 20.000/21.000 kg/mm²
Ø Ultimate Shearing Strength: 175 kg/mm² approx.
Ø Atmospheric corrosion Resistance: Approx. 4-6 times Constructional Steels
Ø Typical Longitudinal Charpy V Impact Values:

Test temperatures 14°C -18°C -45°C -59°C -85°C
Kgm 2.49 1.8 1.66


Typical mechanical properties

0.2 % Yield Strength     : 145 kg/mm²
Tensile Strength     : 170 kg/mm²
Elongation     : 11%
Reduction in Area    : 44%

Hardness depthB-555 steel is hardened throughout. No significant drop in hardness can be detected going from the surface towards the centre whatever the sheet thickness involved.

Flame cutting

Conventional burning of flame cutting procedures are satisfactory.

FormingB-555 is difficult to form but slight bending can be accomplished if required. Care must be taken to ensure that all flame cut edges are dressed to remove any notches in the area of the bend.

Heat treatment

B-555 is a tempered and quenched material and all though certain aspects are of a classified nature; details of the heat treating cycles will be given if requested.

AvailabilityB-555 is available in hot rolled form in strips, sheets and plates.
In 3000 x 1500 mm, 2000 x 1000 mm and 6000 x 2000 mm formats (other formats on request) and in standard thicknesses
In inch : 3/16 - 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 - 5/8 - 3/4 - 1 - 1 ¼ - 1 ½.
In mm : ..4 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30 - 35 - 40.


We recommend using special bits (our FIKSIT quality) to drill or mill B-555 sheets. These bits have been specially designed for this steel. They are capable of drilling through any thickness in a minimum of time, leaving a finish that is remarkable compared with that from boring. We will provide on request details of the special procedure to follow along with all the information needed in terms of drilling speeds.


Although difficult, some machining, mainly turning, can be accomplished by using special tool bits. These tool bits are delivered with all instructions and have been specially developed for this material.

WeldingB-555 is very easily welded using low hydrogen electrodes. We can provide full welding instructions, together with specific welding alloy recommendations upon request.
B-555 has the advantage of being able to sustain not only highly restrained welds, but also to allow welds to be hard surfaced to obtain the utmost utilization of the material.

Typical applications STEEL MILS

Blast furnace, coke oven and sinter plants
Coatings for:
- Skip car liners
- Sinter breakers
- Ore bucket liners
- Quenching car liners
- Coke car liners
- Receiving hoppers & chutes
- Feeder bins
- Conveyor buckets
- Scale car liners
- Grizzly bar

Hot strip mills – cold mills
Wear coatings for:
- Mill housing wear plates
- Looping pit liners & Scale pit liners
- Side guide wear plates for continuous pickler uncoiler
- Swivel tables
- Straw containers
- Coiler mandrels

Foundry & forge shops
Coatings for:
- Liners for shot blast units
- Shake out platforms
- Mixer bottoms
- Chute liners
- Foundry casting hooks

Mining & cement industries
- Dump truck body beds
- Mine & Quarry skips
- Shaver riddles, grizzlies
- Scraper blades
- Ore cars
- Grader blades
- Bucket lips for pay
- Grab coatings
- Percussion crusher anvil plates
- Chute liners, receiving or feeder hoppers
- Vibrating feeders
- Cyclones

General Industry Applications
- Ship holds for transporting ore
- Grain chutes
- Dredge pipes and pumps
- Bearing box coverings
- Rub bar for conveyor chains
- Agitator paddles
- Fan blades & housings